Robot Rumble

Ready, Set, Rumble!

Robot Rumble is a highly ambitious labour of love conceptualized by project manager Becky Pollard.

Created as part of the full-time Web Design, Development and Maintenance program at Humber College, it is an app built from scratch with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. This app includes a secure sign in/sign up form, consistent visual style, user-friendly design and efficiently leverages PHP templates to minimize repetitve code.At the heart of this is a content management system, which captures all the user data and delivers the appropriate content when requested. Finally, an area accessible only to the site administrator allows for the upload and deletion of assets.

A small team of four individuals have invested many hours and tears in the creation of this project. We hope you enjoy it.

How to play the game

how to play the game

Our Team


Becky Pollard

Project manager,
front-end development, PHP


Aleksandr Krasnokutskii

Front-end development,


Eunji Kim

Visual designer,


Denise Chan

Content creation,
user experience